Wood Ramps

“We love our new ramp/deck option because it made our home accessible and gives us a nice cozy deck”

Let us design your new wood ramp and deck.

There are so many different options available when it comes to building a ramp.  In some cases we prefer to use wood to build a ramp.  If you have a situation where you cant use a straight ramp and require a large landing area.  A wood option may work better.On the picture below you have an option of installing a straight folding ramp or modular ramp with a platform if you wanted to turn to the side.  We gave the home owner their options and we ended up building a composite deck (aprox 13 x18ft) with an 8ft ramp off to the side.  That way if the person using the wheelchair wanted to come out for a breath of fresh air there would be no  slope.  The deck also adds to the value of the home and gives it a cozy feeling.